Comprehensive Cloud IT for Small Businesses

Are you starting (or spinning off) a small business and need a truly professional online presence? Webstantial can help.

We offer a simple, comprehensive package to get your small business online and looking professional. We partner with you to set things up and all the external services are in your name and billed separately to you. We will not own any of your intellectual property. You are responsible for all hosting and cloud fees separately. We take care of the expertise, set up, and if you like, maintenance.

This package covers web hosting on AWS Lightsail with Google Workspaces for email and end user productivity. We can create similar packages if you prefer Google Cloud, Azure, a hybrid solution, or integration with your existing services. In practice, Lightsail and Workspaces make the most cost-effective combination for most small to medium sized organizations.

This package includes:

  • Free Initial Consulting to find your needs to ensure the best fit – whether this or some other service will be best for you. (about 30 minutes, via Google Meet or phone) Schedule your initial consultation here.
  • AWS LightSail and Google WorkSpaces setup
  • Internet Domain Name Registration consulting and registration with AWS.
  • Domain Name Server Setup with AWS.
  • Email setup for your domain and users.
  • Professional WordPress website. You provide all the content including text and custom graphics..
    • WordPress Setup
    • Setup of common (free) WordPress Plugins for site security and resilience
    • Initial Design Consultation (1 hour) After this, you need to provide all custom graphics and text.
    • Installation and configuration of WordPress Themes. We will select and install up to 5 Free WordPress themes. If you have a commercial theme you have paid for, we can install that at this time.
    • Installation and Configuration of WordPress Plugins to create a working model based on the initial design consultation. (You will be responsible for all license fees for commercial Themes and Plugins.)
    • Creation of initial design (possibly with options)
    • Secondary Design Consultation (1 hour)
    • Design Finalization (asynchronous) (Up to 4 hours)
    • Final Design Approval. If you need additional changes, these can be made at the usual rates at an additional cost.
  • Website Integration with common Social Media sites. We work with your Social Media people to connect the WordPress website to all the common social media accounts.
    • Push-Button synchronization of WordPress posts to Social Media accounts is available and recommended. Additional licensing fees for Pro licensing will be your responsibility.
  • As an option, we can configure your site to be a Fediverse node, using the ActivityPub protocol and allowing your users and blog posts to integrate with new, federated social media networks like Mastodon.
  • Another option is to integrate multiple web sites you might own into one installation using WordPress Multisite.
  • Training for you and your employees on how to use this system.
    • For you and your website Administrators: 2 hours
    • For your end users, 1-2 hours done once. You may record this for future use.

We HIGHLY recommend you add the Comprehensive Cloud IT Maintenance Subscription so we can continue to support and maintain your company.

If you’re ready to go with your free initial consultation, just fill out this form and we’ll set up a convenient time for a conference call.

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